TAG Products International was originally founded in 1988 as a merchant trading company in Vancouver BC Canada, and initially joined forces with long time European born Umbrella Merchant Gerd Imhoff, formerly of Knirps brand, and notable founder of Canada Umbrella Ltd. With its then category-leading Canada Umbrella and Topper Umbrella brands, TAG worked along side (then eventually competitively with) our peers Vancouver-based Gerd Imhoff and Toronto-based Sales Director Arnold Crawford. Our initial competitive British Umbrella brand team consisted of former Canada Umbrella GM & TAG Products' founder Spencer Gray, founding partner and former Director of Operations at Canada Umbrella Philip Young, Scott Gray, John Muldoon - and other dynamic associates.

Having reached their beachhead in Canada in a relatively short time, our team set its sites on the American market in 1990 and created a subsidiary American umbrella company known as TAG Umbrella (USA) with offices and warehousing in Kent, Washington (near Seattle). The US venture sharing facilities and human resources with a newly founded marketing services division - both managed admirably through the 1990's by local partner and Seattle area luminary, Frank Albanese.

With the era, Y2K and some related challenges in the rear view mirror,  the year 2000 saw globalization moving fast-forward with the introduction of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) - a new paradigm of seamless cross border commerce. This new, bigger smoother playing field allowed TAG to consolidate its US operations into a streamlined Vancouver Canada facility, and to continue serving its US umbrella customers from a northwest distribution center located within same-day delivery reach of its Vancouver BC umbrella print production and warehousing facilities.  

More than thirty years and a million Umbrellas later (give or take a brolly or two) tagUmbrella™ is the category leader in this specialized industry. Along the way, the company has been supported by a host of wonderful interesting amazing clients and advocates, and through our community Umbrella program has given back to the communities it serves.  

Building on a tradition of quality service as the leading online B2B umbrella resource, today tagUmbrella™ is the go-to umbrella shop for business clients in the local Vancouver umbrella market, throughout Canada, across the USA and beyond.