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Since 1988 tagUmbrella™ brand was built on the premise that if we built better umbrellas using premium quality materials, AND IF we streamlined the logo-printed umbrella order and fulfillment process, AND IF we could do all that alongside Business Class customer service, THEN we might be onto something. SO FAR, SO GOOD.

Celebrating 30 Years  19882018

tagUmbrella... by the numbers.


MORE THAN ONE million branded umbrellas printed and delivered


premium quality PRODUCTS & PRINT PRODUCTION since 1988


the go-to name for factory-direct promotional umbrellas for 30 years


30+ YEARS of customer service EXCELLENCE & support


tagUmbrella HISTORY

Since 1988 almost everything involved in the process of getting our now industry-leading Weathertech™ design Concierge, Executive, Folding, Golf and Hotel Guest Umbrellas from far-east factory production to offshore and local printing for our corporate, hospitality, schools and teams, wholesale, B2B and retail customers has changed:

  • Digital and full-cover graphic printing is now possible at previously unheard of price points, and at much lower quantity entry levels (see our custom umbrella page for more information or contact tagUmbrella customer service for details.)

  • Similarly, screen-printing technology advances have made multicolor logo, insignia and destination brand souvenir Umbrella decoration much more affordable.

  • The interval between a client's initial request for information to umbrellas-in-hand (UIH), both in North America and worldwide is a fraction of what it was in the late 1980s — orders often ship in a matter of days from our warehouse stock, and our offshore custom production facility workflow is state of the art.

  • tagUmbrella's 30+ year engagement with, and influence on promotional Umbrella trends, designs and colors mean that TAG customers can rest assured that our umbrellas are "top quality and built to last" — from structure to style.

Through all these years, however, one number has remained constant; the even split between the rave reviews we receive for our Business Class customer service and the consistent quality of our Promotional Umbrellas.

So for all those kudos, for all these years, thanks a million EVERYONE!


TAG Umbrella... the 5-star Hoteliers' Umbrella brand of choice

From oceanside golf resorts to metropolitan luxury properties, exclusive destination properties to global conference & convention center brands, the hospitality sector has counted on tagUmbrella for consistent, dependable branded Umbrella products and stellar customer service for more than 30 years.

We have earned a reputation of being the industry's ★★★★★ Umbrella wholesaler by our rigorous dedication to these five core business principles:

  1. ★ QUALITY — Umbrella Components & Construction Quality
    All of our Business Class Umbrellas are now built on our industry-leading, trademark Signature™ and Weathertech™ Invertible Frame System which features durable, commercial-grade components for longer service life.

  2. ★ SERVICE — Customer Support & Service
    We can help you create a successful event, retail or corporate umbrella promotion from a napkin sketch, a whiteboard photo or a short creative brief in our inbox.
    Our expert customer service team can usually confirm and begin processing repeat orders with a quick email exchange or phone call, and initiate new, single-color logo orders promptly by reply e-mail. You'd have to work here for ordering logo-printed umbrellas to get any easier!

  3. ★ ATTENTION TO DETAIL — Print Quality
    From single spot color to 4-color process, digital printing and Pantone Matching System (PMS) specifications, the tagUmbrella artwork services and print production departments are experts at working accurately to the strictest brand guidelines.

  4. ★ CONSISTENCY — Fabric Quality & Color Consistency
    Every one of our standard, premium fabric core colors has to meet strict dye lot quality controls so the blue umbrellas you've been stocking for your hotel's Royal Suites are guaranteed to be as regal as ever keeping the corgis dry.

  5. ★ DELIVERY — Dedication & Details
    tagUmbrella rush production is available at absolutely no charge whenever it can be accommodated by our art department and printing section workflow.
    We can ship your order to a single, centralized location or split-ship to multiple facilities/properties anywhere in the world.
    For standard, in-stock local, regional and national umbrella orders our carrier of choice is UPS ground, however we have experience with, and can accommodate almost all other ground, sea and air freight logistics providers.